Rain-ready ES4

The Ifo Cera ES4R;- The Unique rain-ready version of the ES4 with separate rain water and mains water connections

Further information and available from:
Rainharvesting Systems Limited

Tel: 01452 772020

Email: [email protected]

www: rainharvesting.co.uk


What is the difference between the ES4 and the ES4R?

The ES4R has the usual mains inlet and a rain water inlet. If rain water is available this refills the cistern but when there is not enough rain water in the tank, the mains water fills the cistern – automatically,

Is the ES4R legal?

Yes. The main issue is back-siphonage of the rainwater into the mains water, Rain water is a ‘class V’ supply so the air gap has to be AA. This is built into the cistern making the ES4R compliant.

What are the advantages over the other rain water switching devices?

It is unpowered and needs no monitoring so the WCs require no extra power and work in power cuts. The changeover is automatic!