Floating outlet

The Floating outlet™ – ‘Flout’ – dosing device Type 831 – for improved distribution of effluent in subsurface irrigation systems reed beds and sand filters

Further information and available from:

Solution Elements – 01594 516063 (UK)

RRP – £165.00 + VAT

Email: [email protected]


What is the Flout for?

The Flout is used to turn the sporadic flow of waste water into controlled, equal, and intermittent doses. This is very useful for reed beds, sand filters and leach fields so that the full area is used.

Why haven’t I heard of this before?

Dosing of septic tank leachfields is more common in the US and Australia and you will find reference in old British pluming books. However until now there have been no commercial products available in the UK to achieve this. Traditionally auto-siphons were used but these can be unreliable and sensitive to incorrect installation.

How do I calculate and ensure the right dose?

The flout is installed into a made-to-size chamber to give the calculated dose. See data sheet for details and guidance on suggested dose.

How long do the rubber bellows last?

The bellows are EPDM which is resistant to sewage. We have never had to supply a replacement but spares are available for a modest price.