Compost toilet

The Solution Elements Compost Toilet System; – no smell, no splash, no sludge, no water and minimal effluent.

Further information and available from:

Solution Elements – 01594 516063 (UK)

Email: [email protected]


Are dry toilets still around?

State of the art! For more info we recommend ‘Lifting the Lid’ as a warts and all overview of compost toilets in the UK. It includes a case study of one of our installations. Also see

They smell right!?

They can if done badly. The system here uses a 5 W fan to vent any smells. Flies are trapped in the chamber and the porcelain seat gives the feel of a proper toilet. We can make the dry toilet smell less than a normal toile for the user!

Will it fit in my current bathroom?

Some makes will but not ours. We have had good experiences only with the large vault beneath the pedestal. This gives lots of room for fluctuating loads and biological activity. The Solutions Elements composting Toilet is best suited to new buildings.
Can I have one in my garden?

You can but it will be over specified for such an application. Instead we would recommend a simple privy or twin vault system. Plans are available from the Centre for Alternative Technology.