The Aquatron:- the sludge-free solution for off-mains sewage solids separation.

Further information and available from:

Solution Elements – 01594 516063 (UK)

Email: [email protected]


What does the Aquatron do?

The Aquatron separator enables the flow of water to be diverted to a treatment and disposal system and the solids to be composted. The Aquatron can be used to get some of the benefits of a flush toilet – public acceptability etc – with some of the benefits of composting toilets – no sludge, humus created. See the case studies for some installation examples.

Are they accepted in the UK?

So far (8-2003) there are about 40 installations in the UK. The Aquatron comes from Sweden where it has certification by the Swedish building industry – see the Aquatron site. As with any sewage treatment system permission must be sought from the relevant regulator, i.e. Environment Agency in England and Wales or Scottish Environment Protection Agency in Scotland.

What is the water quality emerging?

A properly set up system will, on average, give an effluent with similar determinand values to septic tank effluent. Typically this is then discharged to a suitable infiltration system or biologically treated prior to discharge to a watercourse.