The Ifö Cera ES4 Ultra efficient WC; style, outstanding performance and cost effective water-saving year after year.

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Is the ES4 Approved in the UK?

Yes, the ES4 is independently tested to the latest performance specification and is one of only a few WRAS approved WCs on the market.

Surely 4.5 litres is not enough to prevent my drains blocking?

Volume isn’t everything! The hydraulic characteristics of the ES4 pan and cistern are designed for excellent pan clearance and drain carry. The new UK WC performance Specification contains a test for drain carry and the ES4 passed at only 4 litres. In fact if you have ‘problem drains’ we recommend the ES4 which can be supplied to flush with 6 litres. Laboratory tests aside, the ES4 has been successfully used for domestic and commercial installations since 1998.

Why a single flush siphon? Isn’t the siphon old technology?

As water conservation specialists, it is our belief that the ES4’s combination of ultra low flush and leak-free siphon offer the best real-world water efficiency currently available. Now that the previously outlawed dual flush WCs is legal, you could be forgiven for thinking that this would be the preferred technology for the environment-conscious buyer. The truth is more complex; in some trials dual flush WCs have failed to out-perform 6 litre siphon flush WCs never mind the 4.5 litres of the ES4. Add to this the inevitable leakage of valves and the potential for mechanical failure and you will see why we favour simple efficiency.

Watch this space for the arrival of the Ifo cera ES4 – duo, a siphon based dual flush version of the ES4 for domestic use. Final testing is currently underway.

For a fuller discussion of the issues, this article discusses the pros and cons, with real results from existing installations.

Is the ES4 available close-coupled or low level?

Whilst the modern trend is towards the clean lines of the concealed cistern we realise than a close coupled or low level suite is often easier to retrofit. We are developing other products but for now the back to wall and wall hung models are the only available option.

Are other colours available?

Sorry only timeless and easy to mix and match white.

But I want a matching bathroom suite!
The beautiful range of Ifo products for bathroom and kitchen from Scandinavia’s leading sanitaryware manufacturer – Ifo Sanitar – is available.